Hospitality Logistics

We provide terminal and short-haul transportation for food and beverage products delivered to the largest hospitality chains in the United States. Sohan Logistics is committed to providing consistent and timely delivery of perishables, dry and refrigerated goods. We tailor our service to meet your specific business needs.

Healthcare Logistics

Healthcare Logistics refers to the management of the flow, storage, and delivery of goods and supplies in the healthcare industry. Sohan Logistics specializes in offering healthcare delivery services to hospitals, medical centers, and other medical facilities. Our goal is to provide you with every service that you need for your hospital or facility.

Domestic Transport

Sohan Logistics offers domestic transportation services throughout the country with a variety of trucking options for your business needs. We work with you to ensure that your products are delivered in the most efficient way possible.


International Transport is a very important part of any business. To conduct business on a global scale, having access to dependable and reliable transportation is a must. Sohan Logistics has been helping clients from all over the world meet their international needs.


Retail Logistics is a great way to expand your business and reach out to customers in different cities and states. You can send bundles to different localities and make sure that your customers receive the products they need. This is also a great solution for clients who need an emergency delivery.


The Final Mile Delivery is a service that allows e-commerce retailers to reach consumers as far as their doorsteps. The Final Mile Delivery can be done by companies who do not have the funds or the manpower to invest in shipping and fulfillment services.


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