Final Mile Delivery

The Final Mile Delivery is a service that allows e-commerce retailers to reach consumers as far as their doorsteps. The Final Mile Delivery can be done by companies who do not have the funds or the manpower to invest in shipping and fulfillment services.

Sohan Logistics provides Final Mile Delivery, which is available for a low rate depending on the type of goods being transported, size of your shipments, and distance involved. Other delivery services may seem appealing at first, but our Final Mile Delivery only entails a low rate that allows you to reach out to consumers as far as they have access to a phone or internet connection.

No matter what type of goods you are shipping or how far your delivery destination is, we will make sure that your product reaches the customer in a timely manner. Sohan Logistics can handle everything from small items to large items, including but not limited to furniture, appliances, sporting equipment, and more.

We are also available to help customers who aren’t located in Green Bay by arranging their deliveries. To get started, contact us at 414-433-4377 or fill out our Contact Form!


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